Kids Read Comics!

Kids Read Comics!

It’s that time again! Kids Read Comics is coming up fast, and CosmiCat is lucky enough to be involved again. There will be presentations, drawing, fun, artists, and comics Comics COMICS! Kids will have fun. Teens will have fun. Adults will have fun. BECAUSE IT IS A FUN EVENT! Don’t take my word for it, come to the event. It’s free! Click the image to go to the KRC website and learn more.


Time to get studious!

CosmiCat and the gang will be making an appearance in the Auburn Hills campus of Baker College on  October 24th. We’ll be selling copies of CosmiCat and Science Girl, with a portion of the sales going to benefit the Animation Club. Hey, does this mean that these comics count as textbooks?


Defending the D

CosmiCat’s Pal, the Blue Beaver

Here’s a little snippet of the Blue Beaver’s resume…


Blue Beaver debuted on the last page of CosmiCat #2. We’ll see more of him in CosmiCat #3, now under construction.

Tristan and CosmiCat!

Tristan and CosmiCat!

Here’s fan art starring Tristan the Teddy Bear Defender. Tristan stars in a series of books and in a currently under construction comic book (which CosmiCat and friends are looking forward to!) Please go check out Tristan’s website!

Free Comic Book Day 2013!

Saturday May 4th is Free Comic Book Day! It’s a big ol’ party at comic book stores across the land, and nobody does it like the home of my pull box, Green Brain Comics in beautiful downtown Dearborn, MI!

I’ll be there to sell some issues of CosmiCat, side by side with my man the Uncanny K-Mo who will be happy to sell you some Science Girl with, perhaps, a side of Saturday Morning Snack Attack! There will be a slew of other talented creators there, check out the Green Brain website I linked to above to find out more.

Green Brain Comics

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from CosmiCat’s family- and a photobombing CatBeard and Captain Calico!

RPG Captain Calico

Do you play D&D (3.5, anyway) or Pathfinder? Have you been wishing you could add CosmiCat characters to your game? Probably not, but here’s the info to do so anyway.


CosmiCat #2!

Hey everyone!  CosmiCat issue 2 is at the printer RIGHT NOW!  Here’s a look at the cover. Also, you should read issue one. It’s free, after all. Go ahead! Click on the tab above, where it says ‘Read Chapter 1 Free!’

Young Hershey and Smokey: Monster Fighters!

Hey guys! Plummett is hard at work finishing up CosmiCat issue 2. So while we’re waiting for that, please enjoy Cosmo’s brothers’ adventure from years ago- We’re not KITTEN around!

Young Hershey and Smokey: Monster Fighters!