RPG Captain Calico

Do you play D&D (3.5, anyway) or Pathfinder? Have you been wishing you could add CosmiCat characters to your game? Probably not, but here’s the info to do so anyway.



CosmiCat #2!

Hey everyone!  CosmiCat issue 2 is at the printer RIGHT NOW!  Here’s a look at the cover. Also, you should read issue one. It’s free, after all. Go ahead! Click on the tab above, where it says ‘Read Chapter 1 Free!’

Young Hershey and Smokey: Monster Fighters!

Hey guys! Plummett is hard at work finishing up CosmiCat issue 2. So while we’re waiting for that, please enjoy Cosmo’s brothers’ adventure from years ago- We’re not KITTEN around!

Young Hershey and Smokey: Monster Fighters!

Here’s the cover of my new mini-comic, Young Hershey & Smokey: Monster Fighters!

Here's the cover of my new mini-comic, Young Hershey & Smokey: Monster Fighters!

Cosmo’s brothers back when they were kittens

Comet strike

A panel I decided not to use in the comic turns out to be a fine pin up

Island Dreams card set ON SALE NOW!

Hey everyone! The Island Dreams trading cards are now on sale! Buy a pack or four online at http://www.holylands.com/Island_Dreams.html  It benefits Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Take a look at the sketch cards I had contributed here- http://plummypress.blogspot.com/2012/04/island-dreams-sketch-cards.html You might be lucky enough to score one of them. Or you might be even luckier and get one drawn by a GOOD artist! You never know!

CatBeard vs. The ChickenBoar!

Sometimes villians team up to try to defeat a hero. Sometimes, villians just fight each other. And sometimes, as is the case here, it has nothing to do with anything. CatBeard, RIDE THAT CHICKENBOAR!